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Default Thoughts about ghosting

I started ghosting (going over the paper with the pen/pencil many times before touching down to make the actual line) my lines a few months ago, and I am curious about what you all think of ghosting.
Is it more of a formative thing to help with control at a certain stage, or do people keep doing it all throughout ? Are there situations where you will definitely ghost, like ellipses or curves ?
I try to train myself to ghost almost every line nowadays, it made me notice how weak and uncertain my strokes are when the arm does his own thing. It kinda runs off and the brain tries to catch up, and I'm left with lines that make no statement.
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Yeah it's a good thing.
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It's a good thing for anything constructive: skeleton lines, muscle forms, even the whole piece if it were going to be finished in ink, digital, or some other medium.

About the only place where it isn't good is for finished pencil pieces (fairly rare these days), where everyone wants to see bold, confident lines.
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As far as i'm aware ghosting is a good thing. Its sort of like learning to draw something new, it only gets better after a couple of goes. the ghosting is sort of helps get a measure of something and adjust accordingly.

I should do it more often, as most of the time when it comes to sketching its just a mess of lines and the noise defines the picture. Remove the lines for refinement and it gets dodgy for me.
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