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Old 12-28-2016, 11:09 AM   #1
yo sup?
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Default Android tablet for drawing

Hello folks

I've seen people on YT draw on those tablets all the cool kids are walking around. Don't give a damn about being cool, but having the option for a mobile digital drawing device (which isn't a "more expensive than a car Wacom Cintiq") caught my attention.

Most people praise Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and (subsequently) 12.1

I'd want a tablet to handle 2480 x 3508 without much (or any at all) lag (yep, A4 in 300 dpi, because I'd primarily use the tablet for drawing comics). Price is somewhat a secondary consideration.

Any ideas?
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night painter
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Personally I'd stay away from Android tablets; as far as I know there's no pressure sensitivity on the vast majority (just faked at the beginning and end of the stroke), what little there is isn't standardized, and the art apps aren't nearly as good either.

So really, there are a couple options for serious art:

Microsoft Surface Pro/Book: These run full-fledged Windows, which means they can run Photoshop or your painting program of choice. Versions 3 and up have a 3:2 ratio screen, which lots of people seem to like. Personally I find the rubbery pen kind of draggy, but at least they sell different hardness nibs. You can find quite a few reviews out there by artists who use Surface Pros as their art device of choice. SP3s are getting fairly cheap now that the SP4 and Book are out. Beware though, they don't come with a keyboard standard, and MS's price for them is ridiculous.

Wacom Companion / MobileStudio: Pros: built by the industry standard tablet company for artists. Cons: $$$ and then some.

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil: Apple makes nice screens. But you'll have to deal with iOS. And the Pencil has the stupidest charging mechanism I've ever seen.

Laptops with pressure sensitive stylii: There are a few out there. A few, like the Vaio, use the exact same N-Trig system as the Surface Pro. Others use their own random stuff. Do research on each exact model.
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Old 01-17-2017, 06:06 PM   #3
king of bandits
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If you intend on buying a surface check out this guys review/comparison between that and the cintiq companion. I just recently got a surface 4 mostly cause I wanted to be able sketch digitally on the go and it works out fine for me, but if you were intending it to be a main PC I'd look around a bit before making a purchase.
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Ever Skyward
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From personal experience, Wacom makes great tablet-computer hybrids for drawing, but unless you pay for the more expensive models (around $2,000), they're not very great on the computer part (4GB Ram, 64GB space, Intel 3 for the cheapest model). They can run Photoshop, and that's about it, but the pen drivers and screen are some of the best.

The SP4 is a bit better at being a computer, but the pen and interface are nowhere near as nice as Wacom's. Like KoB said, I'd put it as more for digital sketching on the go. Then again, some people draw exclusively on them, and it works out fine for them.
I have no experience with Android, or Apple devices for arting.

My recommendation: Surface Pro. Cheaper and seems more of a general-purpose machine that also does drawing. Also fewer cables to lug around, and can double as a decent computer for on-the-go computer needs.
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