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Default How to post pics

Originally Posted by Maat22
So my question is why does everyone seem to be using digital art?
It's easier to change things and undo mistakes. Easier to experiment without worrying about cleaning up. Not everyone does it, but there are advantages and disadvantages.
Originally Posted by Maat22
PS Another question is how the hell can i post pics on a thread? I looked at the FAQ but didn't really understand. I tried to do it as an attachment but that did not work. the pics aren't huge but, they aren't small either. can Anybody spell it out for a noobie?
Step 1: get a place to host your images. (go to imageshack or photobucket and make an account. Post your images there and copy the link you get. Paste that link in your post (either by clicking the image icon on advance post edit and entering it there or by using bb code. You want to just use the image icon. that's it.
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