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I have finally managed to get my hands on a digital camera. A crap one. Here's a couple of things i've been up to:.

First up me learning muscles and trying to get some sense of depth in them.

Over the last few weeks i've switched my attention to legs. Make them look less flabby and more defined. So far its been a painful and not to mention embarrassing to upload. Especially since i have to use the NSFW tags. Since i can't remember how to put the show buttons (I think it was hide /hide or something?) i'm going to just dump the links here and you can all look at it at my deviantart page which is just a dumping ground for stuff here:

Please note that i didn't reference these poses. Its just me using what i learnt and trying to practice with it.

I'll upload some of the squares and circles stuff i did or maybe the other scrap ladies poses. Problem with the latter stuff is that i drew them all using a goddamn 3h pencil.
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