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I don't know should this be counted as reference or not but thought it wouldn't do any harm to post a link to pickys and info on soviet diver equipment

IDA Reabreathers. IDA-57 O2 Rebreather
The IDA-57 is a simple and robust 02 rebreather designed in 1955. It is a very close technical sister to the early Draeger rebreathers, and was used in service through the early 1970's.
Originally Posted by Kz
Dad had used this things during training while serving in soviet navy on a submarine. AKA-60 ORCA Nitrox Rebreather.
The AKA-60, also known as the 'Orca', is a semiclosed circuit rebreather designed for nitrox, and used in very limited quantities by the Russian Navy. IDA-64 O2 Rebreather
It's become one of my favorites. It is of excellent quality, swims well, and is easier to use than a LAR-V for almost everything. IDA-71 O2/Nitrox System
IDA-71 is a complete system, designed not only for shallow water oxygen use, but also for mid-depth Nitrox use (using a belt-worn Nitrox system), as well as for high altitude parachuting operations and for use as a supplemental oxygen system for high-altitude helicopter crew use! Thus the system is really the "Universal" IDA-71 system. More info on IDA-71 offboard nitrox system
WARNING: It is VERY important to understand that once the Nitrox system becomes active that there is NO access to the internal 02 supply, as it is TOTALLY isolated once the Nitrox system becomes active at about 40 feet. Once passing the depth where the system switches over to Nitrox, the ONLY additional oxygen available comes from the chemical reaction taking place when using the special (and unavailable) Russian scrubber chemical. PAY ATTENTION! I'll say it again: The system relies ONLY on the 02 produced by the Russian chemical carried in one of the two scrubbers. Failure to understand this WILL result in your death if you dive one of these without knowing this.
A word about this Russian 02 producing chemical: This is a nasty exothermic stuff that is very caustic when exposed to water. Trust me, it's REALLY bad stuff. Actually, not only will it KILL you if you breathe in a bit of it after it gets wet, the cannister that it's contained it will get hot enough to MELT its way right through a steel ships-deck if it becomes water-saturated, and lastly it contains Asbestos, so you are playing with lung damage even on a good day. I TOLD YOU that it was bad stuff, so now do you believe me? Trust me on this: Don't even think of trying to use any of this stuff. IDA-72 Heliox Rebreather
Is an extremely well designed and executed system for performing saturation or deep surface-supplied tethered diving. There is nothing else in the world that does even close to what this rig was designed to do, and Western users of saturation diving techniques could learn a lot from this piece of equipment.
All info taken from Greatest site about rebreathers i ever visited.

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