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Monday practice. More squares and circles and more of a warm up. Wasn't really focusing too hard on the circles (namely because i forgot about the standards of a decent circle). This one was done on half a sheet of a4 paper (so a5) during a call remotely trying to install some software on a slow pc.

The next one was done during lunchtime during my common haunting ground of the library. With more emphasis of standards. No real improvements here, but i did learn to try and compensate the top edge of the square where i have to try pushing up slightly when i draw the line as i gravitate downwards in most cases. I'll need to figure out how to compensate for right edge as well. Another thing was to concentrate on the destination and not the line itself (think riding a bike or driving a car where you look ahead to where you're going and not on the road below).

Thought of the day:

"Life is one great journey. Shame about the destination"
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