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I'd keep doing them on paper, even if you lose access to a scanner.

It's much, much easier to master these skills on paper (and benefit from them on tablet later) than it is to master the shapes and tablet all at once. And I mean, orders of magnitude easier. Even my Cintiq introduces a barrier between hand and eye, so if I'm working on visual vocabulary stuff, I do it offline.

BTW, here's a good walkthrough for learning to draw ellipses: You'll notice some familiar ground in the beginning, only explained better.
  • For your own practice, study the process until the section "The HORIZON factor."
  • I'd suggest one change: Use 2D rectangles instead of foreshortened squares. Mr. Sibley is using foreshortened squares to demonstrate that ellipses are foreshortened circles. But you don't have to do that yet. Save foreshortening a little longer until you have the square's shape burned in a little more. It will make things go quicker later.
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