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Thanks for the look over xchris. It looks like i'm just off by just a mm or less which would probably explain why i couldn't spot the problem when i turned the paper around every so often and sticking the cross it looked like it was ok. Some of the time i can see where i have made the squares slightly too wide and i compensate by extending the box or forcing myself to go short on the next one.

The skew thing its going to be looked at. I sense i'll need to get that digital camera and take a photo of the original for you guys and let you guys decide whether its as misaligned as the images above show.

Hopefully in the next few weeks i will have more up. But like i said before in my recent post, i will be leaving my current job in 2 weeks so people won't be seeing scanned paperwork and i may resort to photos or taking everything to photoshop where its a much, much, uglier picture. Tried a similar practice yesterday morning before my sketchbook stuff and it was horrible.

I almost didn't click on this thread because, "it's going to bethose stupid squares again" :/. But I'm glad I did. These figures are really good.

hopefully more variety next week. Theres going to be squares AND circles in them!

Generally i mess around at the end of the week to reflect on what i've learnt and such. I believe Easter weekend is coming up so i have good friday off, i might skip the let loose thing on friday or just do the let loose thing on thursday.
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