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Okay, I feel much better, now.

So I've been pretty sick for the past week or so, and today I finally went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with Bronchitis, but the funny thing is, last night, during one of my not-awake-not-quite-asleep moments, I convinced myself I had Bronchitis, then in my head, I saw Bronchitis as this weird sphere-looking animal, with the mouth of a deep sea viperfish, its nose above its eyes, and this weird wispy imp hair. Following it, were these tiny and frail rat-like creatures (called Wisps) that were made of the same hair Bronchitis had over its body. They would follow it and shed their hair all over the place. Sometimes they would get tangled in Bronchitis' hair.
And now that I'm feeling much better and strong enough to paint again, I give to you Bronchitis, and what it (apparently!) looks like.
So, I guess your challenge is to illustrate a sickness?
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