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Default Welcome to the Exercise Yard!

Want to exercise those creative juices with other members? here's the place to do it!


--any member is free to start their own activity. Be sure to clearly explain what the rules are, or what the theme is.

--CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR OWN THREAD! in addition to posting an activity, you're expected to be part of it.

--for the sake of clarity, you can put the type of activity thread in square brackets in the title of the thread. for example: [sketch exchange] Godzilla vs. Rodan.

--Have fun!


some popular activities to try:

--Speed Paint: post some quickie sketches, which you're not interested in getting critiques on. Jump on in here.

--Opencanvas Collab: partner up with other members in real time, and sketch it out together. Find partners here, and post your works here.

--Sketch Exchange: find a partner here, and take turns drawing pics for your partner to draw in their own style. Threads can be titled with [sketch exchange].

--Fight Club: Design a character, slug it out against characters created by other forum members by alternating turns drawing comic pages of the battle. Rules are in the following post, threads can be titled with [fight club].

--Art Drill: start your own theme, invite other members to draw pics in your given theme. Threads can be titled with [art drill].

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