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A candy van!!?
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oh--haha an introduction thread! Hi!
I'm Mana--I like to dress in women's clothing. Whether I'm actually a woman...well--that's up to you I suppose. Anything is possible on the internet.
I just turned eighteen this month--on the 2nd actually.
I love showing my art to people--and receiving both comments and critiques. And I'm not just saying that. Anything to improve on my work--I want to long as it's not the inevitable 'you style sucks!' that I seem to recieve quite regularily oohoohoo.
Anyways--found this site while going on the treacherous journey of looking for a new art community to join. There's not enough art communities around here. I'm glad I found this one <3

Anyways--enough babble from me
all you need to know is that I'm Mana, I draw, and I am potentially female. (does anyone even read these? XD)
Oh, I'm just stroking my enormous, hard, throbbing, hot, thick, juicy ego.
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