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Oh awesome I get to introduce myself!

(I forgot to do that earlier)

Let's see, I'm a few days old (on here at least), I like to talk a lot so I hope I dont get banned for spamming -sniff-... Art is fun, but it seems more often than not i have a block and cant do anything but draw hands and eyeballs...

about me: im 5'2", 100lbs more or less, normally snobbish/attempting to be friendly, brown hair to my knees, brown eyes, cute pink and black glasses!!, nerd at heart, game lover (fps, mmorpg, text, soccer, board, pencil and paper, etc), i love to read, write, draw, play music, chew bubblegum, run, hang out, educate myself, work hard, have fun

and... im a n00b!!! yay

ok, man... i'm finished giving my life's story!
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