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I was actually going for a fairly simple geometric structure based on the simple lineart concept I was working from, but if that's jumping out as a negative then maybe I should consider pushing it a little further. It's scary to try and avoid the crisp lines, because jagged lines often look broken or far too obvious.
But alas, since I'm going to have to rework the chimney shadow (that is definitely wrong and giving me brain ache) I will definitely have to destroy a chunk of the thatch texture, because the detail is true colour. No layer styles or transparency. So it will get trashed.

I was actually expecting the first thing to be called out to be the chimney position in relation to that front window. There must be some crazy chimney breast going on inside that building.
Not my design though. So it's not my place to meddle without first asking if there's a reason for it to be like that. I'm assuming it wasn't really thought out and that the chimney was positioned on the front side as an aesthetic choice rather than a functional one.
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