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Default Learning Pixels/3D Modeling

It's a bit of a giant leap backwards from what I've previously been working towards (more realistic painting) but I've been following along with an online course thing in pixel art, because I'm crap at staying focused on one thing.
It's nothing flash, but I'm getting to be a little more productive so I figured I'd share some stuff as I get through it.
I can't share any of the actual course materials since the guy charges a couple of bucks for the course (not much, it's on a site called Udemy if you care) but I'm sure I can share my work, even if it's the result of exercises he's set.

Also, if anyone can tell me how to save pixel work from photoshop so that the pixels are bigger, that'd be great! I've been working at actual pixel size and when I save... well, you'll see. Everything is tiny! [thanks, djizomdjinn]

Book (sketch trace) was first thing I did

Chalice (colouring lines provided)

Building tiling (from reference photo) - window darkened as suggested (original in spoiler)


Character (from provided concept), I'd have been happier with more frames.

P.S. Some restrictions are enforced during these exercises such as pixels x pixels space and number of colours.
sketchexchange Prof and jeco

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