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ok its official - nibs are my favorite ink thingies.

Well they aren't very easy to tote around (and the disposable fountain pens just dont feel the same) and they arent practical for a quick sketch at a coffee shop... but they are definitely very versatile and have a vastly greater line width variance than a liner or pen.

I like the fact that you can change the dilution of the ink, you can wipe away excess pigment if there is too much saturation on a line, you can adjust the nib itself, and that the ink doesnt wash away or diffuse (unless its water based, but at any rate, that can give a really neat look on its own.)

i used to swear by sakura pens, i always carried around a pack of black with varying widths, but lately i've just been using ballpoint pens and sharpie pens. Ballpoint can give a neat shaded look thats rougher than felt tip; sharpie pens are cheap, convenient, and very black, and dont tend to bleed or fade.

I did go on a sharpie marker kick for a while, just loving the wild and unpredictable line i could get with them... but the smell set off my migraines and i cant use them often now.
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