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Originally Posted by afroXcore
i really like the monochrome portraits.
Thank you. I'm planning on doing quite a lot of these.
Originally Posted by afroXcore
not really, unless my foreplay sucks.
There are certainly several approaches
Originally Posted by Shin
Just look at how much you've improved. Try not think of art as a competition, but look towards others for inspiration. Run your own race and picture it as a journey of self discovery. I always think of it this way; if they can do it, so can I
Firstly, thank you. Secondly, I wish I could see it that way, but for me the whole life is a competition. I truly suffer when someone is better than me in things I want to excell at. I sometimes take it to the extreme (maybe some members noticed - especially after contests) I can even feel injured for a while. Greatly in contrast with my rational thinking, when I always know that I'm wrong but that feeling just won't go away. When I was younger I always wanted to be like those cool anime characters who are all quiet and at crucial moments show how strong they actually are and everyone is amazed. I think there is still something of that left somewhere. I hate admiting things I can't do, and at the same time am eager to show my achievements around. Not to mention that along with those contrasting attitides all my work is included in one much greater contrast of attitudes. While always wanting to be the best I am lazy as hell, fan of a comfortable life as well. ok, that's enough.
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