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Originally Posted by Grieverjoe
Question: is the gore too much?
Noo don't shave the rat off, I like it

Not even close to being too much, carry on

I agree there's nothing wrong with doing anime if you like it, also agree with joe about the dangers of lacking versatility if you only do anime. But it's not inherent in the style, the reason why a lot of anime looks the same is because that's the only way to get your anime funded, they don't believe people will buy it if it doesn't look like that. At least that's what a producer of Lupin III told us in a talk I attended. If you look at anime like Tekkonkinkreet and Mind Game it's got a very different look, so I think it really is a limitation imposed by industry.

So tl;dr johnway, don't worry about it, keep doing what you feel compelled to.
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