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Ok this week i had been drawing women's legs and trying to solve the problem why my females looked a bit on the flabby side (presumably this was because of the contours being too simple and the leg being too thick). Sadly no uploads of that stuff as its on my sketch book and any i did do on photoshop wasn't worth uploading.

My other itch i had to scratch recently was trying to get some practice drawing materials. I opted for metal and decided to practice trying to get some resemblance of the stuff looking like metal. Looked online for a few techniques and decided to cook something up that works for me. Started off with the basic stuff bracers and pouldrons nothing fancy.

For a first attempt its not too bad. I opted for less shiny metal appearance to suggest that its worn and not brand new. my processes for this:

1. Draw outline of armor.
2. Colour the whole piece of armor in a very dark gray (verging on black). Create a mask and work on step 3.
3. Begin work on rendering the armor. making to concentrate lighting and such. Opacity was around 30% as i sort of dabbled and built up the layers of grey as i went along.
4. Highlights. Increase opacity and drew the reflective lines.
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