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The Unsmiling
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FYI - I'm not complaining about not getting on with people on the internet. I'm an odd sort of unemotional person who shares what seems negative the same as I would things that seem positive. It's all just there and I share ... carelessly.

I have emotions, naturally, but I don't often speak or type, as the case may be, from an emotional perspective but rather from a very dry clinical, observational perspective. I'm fun that way. I'm sarcastic and witty but I've learned that it's best not to use too much of that type of humor on the internet as it's often misunderstood.

Happy as a clam people! that's what I am. Though I don't think clams are any happier than they are sad. They just are. Mostly I just am too so I guess I am happy as a clam. Too bad I haven't the creative tenacity to make myself a giant happy clam for Halloween (gooby junk included).
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