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Originally Posted by astrapho
Wow you are 51? I had no idea hahaha. I hope you'll post even if it's squashes and bananas. Fruits are good for everyone
I'm half a century of wisdom... aged obnoxiousness at it's best... crotchety madness running wild. I love being old (which isn't really old until you're like 70 or 80 maybe).

Today it's my squashes and bananas (should be yams because I needed an image to go with my yamana - mashed yams and banana); tomorrow it's sketches of skirts and sweaters, or holiday crafts and room dividers.

If I practiced drawing people (in all manner of poses) I could draw little people engaging in exercise instead of trying to teach a disinterested 14 year old how to take a proper photo of me engaging in exercise.
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