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Originally Posted by Anyte

Social media doesn't come across as very sociable to me - lot's of fly by comments but not much real social type communication. Oh well, there's always the real world, inhabited (still) by real people. I must has spent an hour at a used video-game store chatting it up with the employee of the day. We talked games and movies. She said I'm funny - I get that a lot in the real world, with real people. People online don't like me as much as real people. I still love cruising through PK though.
Your mileage may vary, but I agree, the forum format is tough to stay in touch with peeps, good for collaboration though. Chatrooms(or modern day equivalent) are a bit better, in the end its up to ourselves to be active on whatever platform you like to socialize, you can't expect people to just start talking to you and always be around when you care them to.

Also never hurts to share on PK what you make elsewhere
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