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I miss this place sooo much! I've been wanting to post something here for awhile but wasn't sure if my account was even still active lol. I came across a "Battle Chasers" video game to be released next month, it was my favorite comic book and the nostalgia hit hard which led me back here. I joined in the late 90s when forums were hosted on an even older platform. This place was home to me through out my teens are early 20s. Back then I was considered a nerd for loving Ghost in the Shell, now the hottest actress in Hollywood is staring in the movie haha. I've grown into a boring, lifeless 33 year old that doesn't use social media so when message boards died, a little part of me died as well. The good times of chatting about art, anime, videogames and even playing Counter-Strike with members here were the best! I'm sending good vibes to Poly, Alucard, Dogfuchow, Moodring and everyone else but especially to Shou! The triphop you turned me onto over a decade ago, I still listen to today. Im "Madpower" on xbox live and psn if anyone wants their tail kicked in Tekken or Street Fighter

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