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I think i'll concentrate on the forehead area as i suspect that i haven't quite got the angle right, but more importantly i need to figure out how to draw hair that doesn't look like a wig or some rigid dome piece. Plus it'll give me opportunity a way to fix the top. Too long has many of my characters been wearing hats or had no hair at all.

I've heard the spiel: Draw it in clumps rather then individual strands, it radiates from one point, gravity makes it droop down. but i seem to be missing key information as to how big the clumps should be. Sure they shouldn't be universal in shape, but when and where should they be large clumps and small clumps? Where/when do i draw the spaces etc?

Quick thoughts on the solution: User large brush and then soften edges so it doesn't look like a dome piece and hopefully blends in together. But i think i need to learn how people do their hair and knowing how much hair to grab and where should help. I do use to get hair styles, but they seem more for fashion then real hair.

But i would like to focus more on maybe more tighter drawing. Right now the pictures all use a cookie cutter design.
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