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Ok, new stuffs so I can reply/post again. I'm going to make it a rule I can't post or reply without a drawing to go with it.

Pofo: Ah yes... Arms and hands... moreso hands. They are the bane of my drawing life. I hate them with a passion undying! To appease this request, today's drawing addresses hands clearly. I think I did an okay job, but I know I have work to do. They are one of a few things I literally can't get my brain to do on paper. Thanks again.

OniCloud: Yeah, again, hands are my most hated thing... You may have noticed how I chickened out on them in that last drawing. I tend to do that when I am really liking a drawing and don't want to constantly hate it every time I look at the hands. So I went with the "double axehandle" move from Dragonball Z exploit and I was very happy... even though I copped out.

Also, if you color it, post it up here! I'd love to see it.

Lana: Thanks a lot. I pride myself on my pen work's improvements over the last year or so. It leaves me open to tons of glaring mistakes, but I think it also has sharpened my knowledge of my style in that I know what's going to work and what's going to bomb terribly. As of current, my tablet isn't working with my computer so color work's going to take a back seat for a little while until I can straighten things out. But don't worry, I fully intend to give it a whirl again when everything's working. Thanks for the compliments.

Which leads us to today's drawing. This is a second test for the three step method I used for the last drawing. I find this process allows me to (kind of) spot errors in my drawing as I progress through each stage and hopefully by the end have everything worked out. I have to say I wasn't thrilled with this one until the final stage, and even now there's a few spots I don't like (like his shoulder on his left arm... Looks sort of broken). Even so there's a lot here I am happy with like the hands and the arms and the inking. I am really starting to enjoy inking as my favorite current stage of drawing. I reckon this comes off my pen-only phase. I think it's helped. Anyways, without further adieu:

I'll be back with more when I can.
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