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Apologies for the lack of update. i had a lot going on and was suffering from a severe art block. Its not helped that every time i go onto this website i get threat alerts, it seems to happen both at home at work.

Anyway, new pic and new plans. i was going to try and draw some fan art. Not exactly the best of ideas, but i after the last piece went so badly wrong i wanted to do something.

Already hitting a few blocks finding a decent pose. Stole some poses from other pictures and tried to work on it. Its still very wip atm. My current dilema is how faithful i should be to the original. The original (seen at: wasn't exactly that detailed, but again, need to remain faifthful as much as possible.

Several things that need to be addressed:

Compostion (the killer right here)

This was the first option i drew. I took it slightly further to see if there was a germ of an idea here. i think the pose doesn't work for a long dress and we're already getting tangents.

The second one more or less will suffer from the same thing. But its better.

i might have to think about this and try a third, no thrills pose.
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