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Originally Posted by aido179
very helpful, but what about us people here in europe?
wacom have a europe base thing, they have released a tablet called the volito, i was thinking of getting the volito 2. they seem to cost quite a bit less (even with exchange) than the dollar. its 6x8 i think, its big enough. im getting it for christmas, im not sure how good it is, it sounds alright.
i have a graphire2 and that does me fine. i mainly use it for Bitmap work.
don't get a higher end tablet unless you REALLY, REALLY need it. Graphires are just as good and you really don't need 1024 pressure levels unless your'e doing really huge pieces (i can work at 2000px square and higher with graphires and it works perfectly.)
in Fireworks MX (which is just as good as at handling bitmaps as Photoshop and costs much less, plus it handles vectors much better than Photoshop), i use a Microsoft mouse for Vector work (Pen Tool, manipulating polys etc.) because of the tiltwheel.
the mouse on the tablets are a waste of time, you don't really need it. just get some different pens for your tablet (brush pens etc.) and you should do fine in Photoshop.

hope this helps!

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