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So the weekend came about and i decided to complete another of the excercise yard. This one is the space girl. LONG TEXT AHEAD

I have mixed feelings with the picture. Whilst i have learnt a fair few things today, i felt that i didn't do the picture justice. I had drawn 10 different poses and ideas to flesh out the image and i decided to pick this one. The functional yet ultimately boring pose.

I did do some quick study on space suits over the week and decided whether i wanted to go for the realistic proper route or something else. I had my mind set to be a space activity suit. I opted this purely because i was drawing a female and being able to get the curves drawn. Oh and it saved me time drawing creases which sadly i have yet to improve on. Other problems i had to figure out was more of a real life one and it was how would the space girl check her vitals and such. Real life space suits are unwieldy/restrictive and they have to use mirrors or a colleague to check vitals and stats. I simple wrist computer would suffice but how would we gather data? Answer was to use body sensors attached to the body.

I had been chuffed with the idea until i realized that somehow i was unintentionally coping neon genesis evangelion and i hadn't noticed it (I've seen pictures but never ever watched the anime). My smug face was quickly wiped off as i struggled to find another stylish answer and i came up empty and opted to go along with it.

Anyway, the drawing itself. The design i was more or less thankful as it saved me time working out what i wanted to draw. I had done some mock up colour schemes as i felt it could be better designed. I had wanted to use lines and stripes to practice some theory i had been studying but in the end i chose not to mess with the concept anymore and rip the whole idea to shreds.

I did some practice inking and i may have been far too heavy handed. Next time only the edge of the person first and think very carefully about the other ones. I painted extra seams and scratches which i felt were quite a nice touch. I also practiced a few other techniques i picked up, like draw hair by using the lasso tool and applying make up. Yes, i also went onto the internet and tried searching how to apply make up properly in the hopes that maybe i'll learn color theory and also brush strokes to help me color the face in. Not sure if that proved all that useful.

Overall, i feel i've learnt something which is the most important thing but i still have a long long way to go.

Thought of the day:

"Life is one great journey. Shame about the destination"
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