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Originally Posted by Hexdust2970
Nice pieces!
It looks like the values on your digital paintings could use a little deepening in terms of contrast. I would recommend doing studies where you start blocking out just two values. Just focus on seperating light from shadow. And then from there add another one or two values in between. It would help you to really focus on the form of your subject as well.
Also sometimes it looks like the colour you use to shade with is just a darker version of your base colour, which may make things a bit grey and flat-looking. So definitely play around with hues and saturation there.

It's also a good thing you aren't avoiding hands! It's best to think of hands as just another subject. The more you draw them, the better they will be. So take every opportunity you can get. xD
Thank you for taking the time to critique my work! I really appreciate the words of advice. I've definitely dabbled with using cool colors for shading in the past and I'm definitely going to delve back into that because I agree, it does make it more interesting to the eye.
I'll probably give that practice you mentioned a go and see how I improve on my shading and lighting techniques ^^
Well, we all get better somehow.......right?
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