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Apologies for the last few weeks. I was doing some art studies mostly on paper and didn't submit last weeks progress until this week as it was a bit basic and a bit naked. its still at the NSFW atm. hence spoiler tags.

Anyway, new piece and originally, it was going to be anatomy study. specifically the female waist and hip area. I spent time looking through videos and comparing artists and how they approach the topic. Sadly no luck on that end. itching to get any work done i went for a generic pose.

I had an idea in mind but it went out of the window pretty quickly. i spent last week on and off reshaping the entire body and arms to get them at an acceptable level. I wanted her to be holding a clipboard but the pose would have looked awkward, i tried books but that wasn't working either. Every ref showed them holding the books too tightly. Played around with the idea and thought maybe holding a tray? composition would have allowed it.

than came clothes and damn it i'm stuck on that as well. i had 2 ideas for the shirts but i can't choose what she would wear undearneath and skirts weren't working. But here's 2 ideas so far:

The first is probably the one i'll use.


The alternate option

i still haven't quite settled on hair styles yet, i have 5/6 layers of different ones...
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