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Smallish update again:
EI: Thanks The sky was painted rather quickly with some custom brushes. First I take a big brush and get a bit of a gradient with the colours I want. Keeping the horizon lighter than the nearer clouds. Then, using somewhat smaller brushes I start shaping the clouds. Making brush strokes more horizontal closer to the horizon and trying to keep the light consistent. I try to build mostly from the horizon and up to keep the closer clouds on top of those further away. Also I try to sort of make the clouds point towards a common point. None of this is really very clear in this particular painting, but hopefully it'll get better when I refine the sky later on.
Big thanks for your thoughts on the peaceful colours vs violent theme issue. I think I'll keep the colour scheme and try to contrast against it with some green/yellow gore in the foreground. A rough and exaggerated test can be seen here
Also, the bug on the far left will have a glowing tail, providing the blue secondary light.
Tried to fix the perspective issue with the pillar on the right... although it might be in the way for the swing now. I'll see what I'll do with it later.
The mountains on the right will definitely get a major reworking later on.
As for why I cut the image where I did, it just felt right. I was planning to crop it a bit higher up at first, but then I couldn't fit the bug in like I wanted. Making the picture higher to get Hefastus' feet in would have put him too far away from the observer I felt.

CD: May the best art pwn.

edit: oh, and I might disappear for a few days. My silly 'internet quota' is almost used up again. Bloody stupid uni restricting internet access even for researchers... not that I'm using it all that much for my research, mind

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