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Default Mashime's Sketchbook


I'll post some sketches here every couple of days or so. Short poses, gestures mostly, but also some construction attempts.

So after drawing 20 000 or so "gestures" I realized I had come to a point where they weren't even gestural anymore. I had regressed to a point where the lines put down on paper were mere stick figure "place holders", and devoid of any motion or flow.

I'm studying Stan Prokopenko's Fundamental figure drawing, and watching the gesture part made me realize how far I had erred, hence those drawings. These are 1 or 2 minute poses.

I watch the videos numerous time in slow motion, drawing along and trying to see the thought behind each stroke. What struck me this time around was how much measuring (angles, negative spaces and such) there was this early in the game, and how much of it is dependent on assessing the purely 2D qualities of the pose (like how this part is wide as compared to this other part or such) I also noticed just how poor I am at this, how little control I have over the actual lines I put down. It's almost as if instead of the brain giving the arm a command the arm starts moving on it's own and the brain tries to catch up.

Another observation which seems like somewhat of a contradiction concerning this method is this: gesture is supposed to capture the motion, the flow of one part into another. Glenn Vilppu compared it to a river current chart, and all around the mantra goes of "not copying the contour" and going for the motion. Yet those "not-contour-lines" we put down begin and end at the same spot as the contour lines on the model do, and define the outside edge of the gesture. So instead of the stiff stick figure gesture we now get the blind contour-ish gestures.

Anyone have any thoughts concerning this ?
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