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Default First solo game released! “Kickball Champion of the World”

It's finally out!

So this is my first game that i have done by myself, It was a hell of a lot of work teaching myself to code. But i feel like it's something i can be proud of and hopefully it will help me get a footing as an indie developer that can do this full time!

It's out on iOS right now, but i'll be porting to android when i get enough money from the iOS release to buy some android devices.

Note i don’t recommend getting the game if you only have an iPhone 4 with iOS7. It is smooth enough on iOS5 but 7 just killed performance completely. Running that many physics objects and explosions is pretty taxing on the phones. I’m going to try and sort this out when i get back to australia though.

I plan on adding a ton more animation and supporting this for as long as i get people playing it .

note: i held off on posting v1.0 as it had a screen dimming bug but the new version is currently being propagated through the store.
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