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Yeah, there's certainly a lot you need to know about colour to get digital paintings right, but it definitely becomes much more of a focus in traditional paints. The last few times I tried it I was like, "I don't know colour as well as I thought I did..." xD

Every time I've attempted digital painting, including that portrait, I've realized how much I need to work on values. I ought to do a bunch of value studies sometime. Because I always find myself thinking they could always use more contrast.

It's pretty amazing how many resources are out there at our fingertips. I think we take that for granted. You can pretty much learn anything on your own these days, so long as you have the self-discipline for it.

Thank you so much you guys! :'D It's not really something I do very deliberately, but I think I've always paid special attention to expressions. I guess I'm just rather interested in the intricate details of it all.

Now most attempts I make at drawing hands are just complete failures. I just don't do it enough. But recently I actually did something I was surprisingly satisfied with. It's rather messy. I was just playing around with my brush pen. ^^

And a little thing I did earlier today using reference from some photography from dA:
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