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congratulations to everyone who finished...if nothing, i think all of the entries show a lot of effort and skillful execution.

as reward i will rip your entries up ;D

3rd: Fiona

Comments: as usual, I think the art is very well executed, there is a great sense of design depite the realistic rendering. Unfortunately it is really difficult to identify the theme and story unless explained, which is compounded by the fact that Romulus/Remus are ambiguously identified as both hunter and's possible to depict this, but it's doubly difficult to bring that across with just the image. Also, the character/concept sketch component is missing from the submission, but I'll let that slide =p

Critique: like i said, the designiness combined with the realistic rendering, works really well in this peice. I like the glitter/opalescent effect that you have on Romulus' and Remus' skin, gives it a surreal feel to it. my main gripe imagewise is how everything is so cramped together. there definitely is opportunity to have more space, to provide a bit of rhythm to the composition.

2nd: Grieverjoe

Comments: a really humerous take on the theme, and the story involved is clearly identified. The main things that keep it back are technical...i think some more time spent on polish would have helped this entry.

Critique: I thought that the character designs were good, and befitting of the silly story that you were going for, the composition and perspective ended up quite nice (I had some misgivings early in the process, which I never posted). my main issue of the final image is your treatment of outline. the lines are colored in the chicken monster, but are left black in other places...the cliff lines in particular stick out like a sore thumb. Small stuff like the lack of shading in the whites, lack of color change with distance, cast shadow consistency could have been addressed, and would have made it that much better.

1st: r@nd0m-lamb

Comments: clear theme and story, and I love the original designs of the sky whale and airships. The concepting was well done, it shows a broad consideration of composition before arriving at the final product. My pick for first place, because it most closely embodies the contest criteria, and well exectuted to boot.

Critique: the final image has a lot of good things going for it...i like how there's a contrast of texture, from the smooth metal of the ships, to the textured clouds, to the rubbery texture of the whale. And like i said, the designs are quite unique. however, i feel like some things were better in the concept images compared to the final image. the 4th panel in the concept for example I thought was better. for one thing, in the final whale design, everything is too rounded and large. in the concept, there were some areas where there were denser details in some places, and a different texture, the heterogeneity made for a much more interesting monster design. I also continue to think that a profile view of the whale would have made for a better composition choice. the perspective here feels forced, for lack of a better explanation.
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