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@Djinn and joe: thanks for the comments I agree with the guy getting a bit too lost, think I made the foreground too dark.I made some changes, is it better? It's a sketch but I'll be doing it in color so I want to make sure he won't get lost later :9

The tree behind the guy lightened more, specular less aggressive

Also o mg Joe you made me realize there were no spears. Now I feel like I'm missing something in life T_T

@3d: My group made a massive mistake in the beginning with not taking care to make sure all our referenced files have different names, so when we reload models with the same name we lose all our animation :/ For a while we had no idea, so we would inexplicably lose animation all the time and we lost soo many hours of work >-> It was a very painful rookie mistake... We've finished it, just rendering and comping left, but omg when it was happening it was hell :s

@gun tutorial: I don't know if my opinion would be useful, but I think while we probably don't need an exhaustive history, it will be nice to have an outline of their evolution to know how the technological/material limitations and advancements affected their designs. that, and important landmarks/knowing what is required of them in making a gun design work... I thought I could just sort of copy a design but I didn't understand it and it totally showed x'D Hope you'll make it soon

/I totes have a color and perspective tutorial in the works, hope I have time to finish them in the summer...

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