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The palette isn't preset. We chose our own colours.
We're encouraged to limit ourselves so I opted to use 8 colours for the majority of the building tiles but only needed 4 for the brick wall tile.
We had a strict 3 colour per section advised for the character, such as 3 for skin, 3 for orange clothing, 3 for pants etc. I kind of cheated by bringing a dark colour from the boots for the facial details, which I guess pushed the head section to 4 colours. Ah well.
The building was from a photo reference, which helped me with my colour choices. No picker though, I like to avoid that thing. I've also gotten into the habit of keeping my colour's rgb values at multiples of 10 unless I'm up at 255 with a value. A little ocd but it just feels neater to me.
I just realised I didn't include my pallete for my waterway tile set :-/ sorry lol.
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