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Ah yes, the windows I noticed they were too light and got lost in with the frames. Ultimately, I'm not going to fix most of what I post since they relate to exercises that I'm not particularly passionate about. If it was a personal project or I was being given money for the results I would definitely go back and fix stuff. I will be taking any advice on board though, for the sake of anything I do in the future.

All that said, however, I think I will fix up the windows on the building. I enjoyed working on that the most so it won't be as much of a chore to go back to it.

I'll also edit my first post with increased sizes at some point. I'll also switch from attachments to photobucket. It was down for maintenance the other day.

I went really simplistic with the next assignment that had us produce a tile set for waterways. I did start with more detailed grass but decided to drop the detail back a little to make things easier for myself. Laziness.

Zoomed x4

Grass tile

Water tile

Waterway tile set

I decided that it didn't look right with the water so still, so I went back to the water tile and animated it.

So then, using smart objects and masking in photoshop, I added the animated tiles into the tile set. Obviously the tile set would be duplicated for each frame and kept still for actual utilisation. But here it is.

sketchexchange Prof and jeco
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