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Originally Posted by Nmn
Perhaps you know it already, but I'll give it a shot. Do you often flip/mirror your image while drawing/painting symmetrical things? This imideatly reveals anything wonky.

I like this work! Especially #3 in the third post, seems elegant, stylish and what my friend calls "vectorish" (as if made in Illustrator).

May I reccomend an exercise? Have you tried drawing from casts or sculptures of a human head? A mannequin's head is also good, or you can find some simple 3d app and draw from a 3d model.

Yes, I frequent the method of flipping the image and finding things wrong all the time lol. The only problem is that once I find those problems I have already done so much work that I do not want to start from scratch.

Thank you very much for the compliment! I do like that one a lot myself.

I have drawn from mannequins in still lifes I had to do for art projects. And that is a good point to make, I haven't done reference drawing for a tiny bit and it might show in my art.

I've taken some of your advice and tried to study faces a bit more. This is a piece I started and finished in about an hour or maybe less.
Well, we all get better somehow.......right?
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