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The armored cap doesn't make any sence as helmet isn't simply designed to provide imidiate protection against fast traveling shrapnell but it also has to negate the forces that effect it even if the shrapnel did not penetrate. Without a helmet liner acting as a buffer the effect to the skull would be like being hit with a sledgehammer if not worse. The ballistic vest is bit to light for stopping rounds that is if she is wearing any as i am uncurtain if there is one or not, the magazine pouches seem bit to narrow. On pants kneecaps is waste of good pants.

I'm to lazy to give proper crits on the rifle so will just point out like in your previous thread the lack of space for the shiznit(bolt assembly, recoil spring, etc) in the buttstock behind the magazine. A good measurement would be that behind the magazine there should be space for about two more magazines.

Her left upper arm is to long, same hands wrist seems a bit flat and a bit to small. Her right wrist is defenetly to small. Her elbow should be visible approximately at the point where the silencers groove is. Her left leg seems bit disjointed as result of it actually being thiner at upper thight than it is at the knee.

The pose is a bit odd because of her being left handed but legs stance being suitable for right handed person. The way she is now her weight redistribution is at the back when it should be to the forward to balance out the recoil and the way it is now it would be quite uncomfortable.
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