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Originally Posted by djizomdjinn
Well, asymmetry is fine... try grabbing some celebrity frontal photos, mirroring one half, and seeing how their face changes. It's really quite dramatic sometimes.

On the other hand, yes, being able to draw symmetrically on demand is also a good skill to practice.

Your noses seem to all be very tall and narrow, and often lack definition in the nostrils. Try looking at different peoples' noses? Whether upturned, more triangular, hooked, etc.
Not sure what you mean with the celebrity thing?

I do have an issue with noses...I just don't find them at all appealing hahaa so whenever I try to draw a different one like a bulbous one, I hate it and try to morph it into a smooth nose I can stand to look at. I'll take some time to study some more unique facial features ^^ Thanks for the advice
Well, we all get better somehow.......right?
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