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New stuff here!

I feel I should confess sumthin', I'm watchin' a Deviant 'folio of one 'foo, and gettin' ideas for pictures, but ideas only! If he makes a loose sketch of a Tauren, I'm thinkin' that I'll do one too, only Ima doin a paintin with color and stuff, a loose sketch isn't worth time and Ima buildin my 'folio now.
But then I think "I don't want to paint another dumb Tauren! There's so much WoW fanart around it's BORING". So how would I go around making it interesting? And an idea popped in my void between the ears.

Some problems had to be solved - how the heck do you draw a Tauren? I mean I've never drawn bulls (horses very rarely) for heaven's sake, so references were mandatory, studies were recommended by self.

Ok, so I got the general idea and stuff and now we get to paintin the thing, and that's how sweet luv was born ^^

Don't like the colors because I'm a dumbass and didn't do color-compositions.

By the end I was so sick of the painting I kinda rushed it. I think Ima experiencin' Burn-Out, so I should switch stuff around and do sum' else in the mean time.

As always interested in yer thoughts 'bout this.
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