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i was working on this until i hit a artist block on the book warrior and never truly recovered from it. I think i did do one for the snowglobe lady some time ago. But that was me trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.

Here it is again:

Perhaps i should do something similar. I was doing something this afternoon and drawing a background (WIP, its still very rough and hope to finish it off once i have the figure in place).

Just need to figure out what, where and why. Part of my problem when it comes to sketch jams is that i always attempt to go one step further with everyone's ideas to improve on it. What i really should do is honor the original and draw something similar and then go on a tangent and do my own version afterwards.

Speaking of ideas, the last thing i thought about the book warrior thing was to have him walking down a country path, the sky is a orangy yellow and his little whimsical apprentice girl hoping from one fence post after another. then i realized that the book warrior/librarian looked a bit like an assassin from AC and promptly ignored it and moved onto something else later.

Oh and also half of the things i wanted to do i couldn't draw properly so that also didn't help.
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