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Whoops. I'll do another one for some face. I should have really noticed that the face had to be male. Oh well, my next one is swordgal anyway. I might spend tomorrow doing some mocks. I have an idea as to what i want to portray.

It will be most likely she is leaning against a wall to keep with the original theme. Question is what is she doing? My idea was to have her casually leaning against the wall with a bemused/evil grin/smile. But beyond that i'm not so sure. Perhaps she has eliminated some thugs and left the last one cowering, maybe she's amused by the number of swordwelding mercs/thugs/guards that surround her? The next is what to do with the sword. I was thinking having her hugging the sword between her arms/cleavage.

like some sexually suggestive-
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