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I like the emphasis on texture this time around. The difference in focus between the foreground and background works pretty well.

I understand your question about "following the original" a little better now. The idea of the SE is for everyone to try and redraw someone's original sketch, then post an original of their own that the others will follow. The label "SomeFace" didn't mean "any face;" it was just Espresso's name for that round in the SE. For comparison, here's what his original + responses were:

Each response followed Espresso's original concept, but interpreted it in our own style. I had fun translating extra details out of some of Espresso's looser brush strokes ("that dark patch could be a chin beard..."). RetiredOldie gave him a more likely shirt and fleshed out the expression. But our responses were still basically a bald guy with glasses.

So with that said, what would you say to us considering this your first Johnway Original™:

(last updated 07 February 2015: JW's Clown)
BookWarrior     | O  | x  | x  |____|
SwordGal        | x  | x  | O  | x  |
PointingLady    | O  | x  | x  | x  |
Angrybirdy      | x  | O  | x  |____|
SnowglobeLady   | x  | O  | x  | x  |
Gunslinger/Clown| o  | x  | o  | x  |
ShortsDude      | x  | x  | O  |____|
SomeFace        | O  | x  | x  | x  |
SpaceSuitGal    | O  | x  |____| x  |
DogKnight       | x  | x  | O  | x  |
ManyFacesGuy    |____| OO |____| x  |
                | 10 | 13 | 9  | 9  | total
                |4.5 | 4  |3.5 | 1  | originals

BTW: The "x" and "O" characters are links, so you can see the other entries in a round. An "O" is the original for that round.

It would be much better to resize the image in Photoshop instead of BBcode. BBcode leaves the resizing at the mercy of the browser (which isn't always pretty). Huge images also load slower, even if they are tagged to display at smaller dimensions.
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