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Thanks guys!

RobotCat: Yeah, I can never really tell how a face will turn out. If the look needs to spot on compared to something else, I'd sculpt it separately on a bit of wire twisted into a loop and once I'd gotten it right, twisted a new armature around it. If I were better at painting faces, I think I'd do better with sculpting... hopefully it flows the other way too.

Setting Up the Foundation

Sorry guys for the long update time, but a heat wave was rolling through my area, and besides it being really hot and stuffy in the room where I sculpt, high temperatures also cause the putty to cure significantly faster. ProCreate already sets somewhat fast for my liking, so with the heat wave I don't think I would have gotten any pictures if I'd sculpted anything.

Anyways, enough excuses.

So, I've decided on a variant on the classic skintight pilot suit, so as I was finishing bulking out the legs and thighs, I decided to add a few wrinkles. Better to add them early and fill them in if not needed than try to cut them out of a smooth body. Of course, it's important to remember that you can in fact "erase" sculpting by cutting the offending section away and sculpting afresh, but it's a pain to blend the seam in perfectly and it's a big waste of time (due to layers) and putty. So, last resort, not really tool.

Ah yes, take the mini off the clamp to detail the back of the legs, the crotch, etc. With this much putty it should be fairly solid (expect a bit of flexing in the limbs). I haven't really bothered with the legs because she'll be sitting down and that area won't ever be seen. But to get the smooth transition from the belly to the crotch, you'll want to take it off the clamp or cork from time to time.

Boobies. I've gone over this before, but it bears repeating. Sculpt one or two cup sizes under your target. As you smooth and adjust and add layers you'll find they'll grow to size all by themselves. Speaking of smoothing and adding layers, as you build up material, you'll notice it tends to round out previously sharp angles and details. Building in the form early lets you spot the rounded forms of these details, and rescribe them in. Here, a bit of extra putty on the knees makes her kneecaps come back.

Proportionally, you might have been able to pass her off as having a pear-shaped body. But it was getting kind of ridiculous with a ribcage half the width of her hips. A bit of putty, and shifting around her newly sculpted breasts helps solve the issue. Maybe I overcorrected a bit, I'll decide later.
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