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Originally Posted by erq
Haha, I know what you mean, theres no one at 180 anymore. Nice, what kind of internships/companies are you looking at?
Love the recent sketches man! I don't know why but I really wanna try and color that weird guy with the big head and crazy eyes. Also, great colors in that Sargent master copy. Those master painter guys make me want to paint like crazy. BTW if I see you around the city some time lets go draw at borders or something!

And even though its super late to answer your question... I will anyways, since its pretty relevant right now (submission deadlines). I'm going to be applying EVERYWHERE (near the bay area)! Recently I got to work on a Disney film, so hopefully that'll lead into more movie work. I know that its tough to get into one of the animation studios, so I'ma try hard to get an internship this summer, and apply to a bunch of game studios too. Man, it's gonna be rough though, all those folks from image movers getting let go makes me nervous about the industry.

How's post grad life for you?
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