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darkreaver 06-09-2012 05:54 AM

Welcome to the Exercise Yard!
Want to exercise those creative juices with other members? here's the place to do it!


--any member is free to start their own activity. Be sure to clearly explain what the rules are, or what the theme is.

--CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR OWN THREAD! in addition to posting an activity, you're expected to be part of it.

--for the sake of clarity, you can put the type of activity thread in square brackets in the title of the thread. for example: [sketch exchange] Godzilla vs. Rodan.

--Have fun!


some popular activities to try:

--Speed Paint: post some quickie sketches, which you're not interested in getting critiques on. Jump on in here.

--Opencanvas Collab: partner up with other members in real time, and sketch it out together. Find partners here, and post your works here.

--Sketch Exchange: find a partner here, and take turns drawing pics for your partner to draw in their own style. Threads can be titled with [sketch exchange].

--Fight Club: Design a character, slug it out against characters created by other forum members by alternating turns drawing comic pages of the battle. Rules are in the following post, threads can be titled with [fight club].

--Art Drill: start your own theme, invite other members to draw pics in your given theme. Threads can be titled with [art drill].

darkreaver 06-25-2012 04:47 PM

Originally Posted by Polykarbon

What is Fight Club?

Fight Club is a means to push artist to try new things with sequential art and polish up their StoryTelling and Layout techniques.

It's also a great way to break out of a slump if you happen to be in one.

step 1)

Check the Exercise yard and see if there are any open challenges or post one of your own. Challenges are basically "Hey, I have a character..who wants to fight?"

Step 2) Once a challenge is accepted, the challenger must then draw the first page of sequential art depicting the attack.

Step 3) The challenger then draws a page of sequentials depicting the counter attack. If you are unclear on how this works..check other Fight Club threads examples.

--this goes on till someone concedes or your match runs out of gas (i.e. no more posting activity)

Critiques will be given by other board members on whether or not the action was clear and understandable, the reader was easily able to identify which frame came next..camera angles...ect, ect.

Or..if you are unsure how to critique you can just say what you liked or didn't like about it.

Keep it fun, Same rules apply here as far as etiquette goes..no personal attacks on religion, race, sex..ect. use "@#*&" to represent swearing...common sense stuff.

Let's get ready to rumble...

How to get Challenged...

You can increase your chances of getting your challenge accepted by increasing the dynamic of your pic.

Here's an example of what NOT to do:

sure it looks good...but he's just standing there.
It doesn't give the impression that this fight is worth taking on the challenge for.

A few changes later and and you're bringing something to the table.

Someone's more likely to think "Hey, this could be fun" and accept your challenge.

Good Luck!!


sashasuman 12-11-2014 09:26 PM

If we go by popular vote I vote that we have N number of votes we can allocate. That way if we think one piece is a head and shoulders above the rest, we can indicate so.

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