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Nmn 05-25-2015 06:52 PM

Not Much Normal Sketchbo0k
Hello there! About time I start a sketchbook here.
I'm an aspiring comic book artist and I've had some academic art training (about 4 years by now). I have plenty of sketchbooks here and there w/ studies, but rather that I decided to post here some of my off-shot works, some older, some newer, so people can tell me what I'm doing it wrong XD. All comments are welcomed!

Some figure studies:

and more studies

Oh, played pixel dungeon October something, so drew them. I gotta get around to color these...

Hey anyone remember these guys? Jazz wasn't the first green rabbit outta space XD, turns out. (spoiler because it b0rks forum layour)

Some old comix:

Exercise in comics, recent:

I'll be back :)

johnway 05-26-2015 12:21 PM

Good to see fresh blood on the forums. stuff looks good with plenty of promise. Look forward to more work!

Nmn 05-26-2015 01:52 PM

Thank you :)

guess who 05-26-2015 04:13 PM

Thank you for leaving a reply in my sketchbook !
I don't know a lot about Comicbook art, I confess I read manga, but these look like you're on a good path.

Keep up the good work !

Nmn 05-26-2015 04:28 PM

Ditto br0', let's make more art so our sketchb00ks r0x0r. By the way, you didn't answer wethah you had or not academic training, you know, at art high school.

Lamb 05-27-2015 04:06 AM

cześć :)

These are quite nice! Nice volume and flow in some of these, lacking in others - especially the lineart ones compared to the loose sketches. It has to do with line weight that is all over the place and breaks the nice dynamism of the human body. A line always defines a shape and a volume and you need to cram as much information into it as possible (e.g. bold when away from the light thin when facing the light source), Thus the line must be spot on, yours are often "just about". This translates into wonky proportions sometimes.

Think of objects in space rather than the concept of what you are drawing (people cars etc, everything is an object in space do not get distracted, even when inking, the same rules apply :)

Nmn 05-27-2015 04:46 AM

Haha wiedziałem że jesteś stąd XD Coś mi tak mówiło...

Anyway, indeed you are correct. I neglected inking in my studies and now it's difficult for me, usually ruining a piece when I'm inking, it loses the vital energy of the sketch, it looks stiff etc. This is area I definitely need to improve in. Thanks for ur comment matey ^^

Nmn 05-31-2015 02:46 AM

Working on a storyboard loosely based on Resident Evil, ofcourse changed the designs of characters for fun.

Gonna ink it soon. All comments welcommed :)
EDIT: Spoilered not to break forum layout.

Lamb 06-02-2015 02:06 AM

This is a pretty solid storyboard practice!

I suggest you pick up one of the tutorials on perspective by http://scottrobertsonworkshops.com/

You also need to address some anatomical issues. I think detailed studies of hands and faces are in order - just as any other problematic area. Keep focused on one thing at a time.

The lines on the first panel are very nice, are you using some external plugin/ software?

p.s. Som Slovak, but it is almost the same... sometimes :)

Nmn 06-02-2015 08:01 AM

Thank you for the comment :) Will definitely check that tutorial out. I tend to get sloppy with perspective now and then.
You are very much correct, hands I find problematic all the time. I need to make some more studies of them, especially the gesture of the hand and the bloody wrist.
Concerning the lines, I didn't use any plugins. I use Open Canvas 5.5 and a high resolution for the image, later scaling it down. I suppose that makes stuff crispy.
Will post new stuff soon ^^

RobotCat 06-03-2015 09:32 PM

Lamb already covered the general stuff. Hoping too see more of your stuff soon.

Nmn 06-06-2015 11:17 AM

Thank you ^^

Nmn 06-06-2015 01:19 PM

Double post, plz don't be angry ;)
Just finished inking that storyboard and I need to know what you think of it. I'm having a feeling that now the lines are even too thin, but it is somewhat I was going for, more thinny, manga-like inking.


I tried fly-swappig all those anatomical bugs, but I bet there are still some. I'd be thankful for pointing them out for me, since I used to be heavily criticised in the old days for poor anatomy and now I developped complexes XD.

Off to mah sketchbook, c'ya l8r.

Nmn 06-13-2015 07:36 PM

New sketchbook stuph. Quick figures, things like that.



Again spoilered to prevent forum b0rking.

Nmn 06-14-2015 08:38 PM

Forgot to upload these yesterday. Taken Lamb's suggestion and done some face studies.

Nmn 07-22-2015 03:12 AM

Hello there. I come back with some new stuff.
I'm rather busy with my master degree coming this september, so have to study, and look for work at the same time.
But these I've been doing in the past couple weeks.

Mostly studies and quickies:

Some time later I've decided to force myself to ink-n-color every sketch and doodle:

And some simple comic strip. I still feel awkward inking and managing unity of the body.

All comments are appreciated :)

Nmn 09-04-2015 05:19 AM

Witam wszystkich ponownie! :D

I've came with an idea of a colored sketchbook, so that I actually get a better grasp of the from-start-to-finish process. Here are some new stuff from me.

johnway 09-04-2015 06:40 AM

the cell shading is nice. I've had a thought of implementing it and studying it and its not as easy as it looks. So kudos to you there.

Gaff 09-04-2015 01:25 PM

Surprised to hear you say you're using open canvas - it's certainly come on a lot since I last used it. When I saw how smooth your linework was, I was expecting it to be Manga Studio or the likes.

Nmn 09-05-2015 03:20 AM

Thanks guys :)

@Gaff - these 4 newest ones are actually made in Photoshop CS5, I've switched to it after my friend persuaded me to try it and just got stuck w/ it

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