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Jigo 11-10-2006 10:29 AM

Perspective Tutorial
Some people have been asking me for perspective tutorials... Well, this is what I've come up with so far.

I'll outline the basics plus some tricks and tips on Isometric, 1 Point perspective, 2 point, 2 point vertical, 3 point, and MAYBE 4 and 5 point.

Here's the first part of 1 point perspective.

Tell me what you think! Any additions/changes?

The next part of 1 point I'll cover is the building of basic shades, plus adding details, thicknesses and such.

MAYBE if you gyus want more indepth, cast shadows in perspective too.

Meatloaf 11-10-2006 11:11 AM

I would like to see high and low angle perspective, especially on people. Maybe do some 2 point perspective too.

Another thing. Say if you have a long winding highway going down to the horizon, how would you do that? Curved objects in linear perspective, I guess I would label it.

Chop Chop! Get to making me more tuts >:]

jt4470 11-10-2006 11:30 AM

I'd like a tutorial on drawing figures in dynamic forshortening and stuff...but I don't think that relates to this tutorial.
More like a figure drawing tutorial with forced perspective and forshortening...
I dunno.

hanzozuken 11-10-2006 12:27 PM

great tut, im gonna be using this one in the future. i need to work on drawing buildings and such in perspective but i hate how monotonous it is. cant wait for the update

Toffeeliz 11-10-2006 01:30 PM

great tuorial - can see that there is a heck of a lot of work going on in here. Def. on my reference list that's for sure!!!

*ninjas run up from behind you and steal your artistic talent* hobbits no longer has my prrreeccciiious!!!!

DutchDevil 11-10-2006 02:39 PM

this is relly nice! it makes very mutch things clear to me, and i am certainly going to make use of this tutorial! thanks!!

b1zz0b 11-10-2006 02:49 PM


I had been thinking about doing one of these for a while, but I was way too busy/lazy.

There are a lot of people who struggle with perspective, and for a long time I have just been telling them to study perspective without actually guiding them anywhere. Now, thanks to you and this fantastic tutorial I can just refer them to this thread.

I think this is one of the better tutorials I've seen on this board, the presentation is really neat. If you cover the 2 and 3 point sections as well as you have with 1 point perspective, then this will be a tutorial worthy of worship. :bow:

Lancer.Evox.2k 11-10-2006 03:05 PM

Awesome tut far... :O
I was thinking of making a perspective tutorial for the longest time, but I think you will do a better job than I will. Now I don't have to worry about it :P
BTW, I bow to your traditional inking skills :bow:

*_*flashies*_* 11-15-2006 10:27 PM

This thread really deserves more views - really useful tutorial. It helped me out quite a bit and was easy to read through (plus neatly set out ;) ). Very nice indeed :clap:.

erq 11-16-2006 12:00 AM

Oh yeah, that curved road is easy, but once you throw in hills, it gets a bit harder. Also try explaining the lighting on two point interiors, thats kinda difficult. If you need help with 4, 5 and 6 point I got ya back =]. Awesome explaination btw. Keep going!

Threes 11-16-2006 08:47 AM

how did you know i needed this today??

(part 2 is my idol now, thanks) i was totally going to ask about perspective of people who arent in a straight line and now i dont need to!!

thanks again :D

Krasnoznamonec 11-16-2006 09:56 AM

PM me your adress and i shall send traditional finnish candy to you when i get around to the post office.

But considering how lazy i have become getting myself to the post office may take a while. As i already have promised to deliver similar payload(candy and self made card) to another member of this board and haven't been able to find appropriate time to get myself to the post office.

About Tutorial: Very clean and informative.

McGarnacle 11-16-2006 10:57 AM

I only knew the basics of perspective! One and two point perspectives are easy, yet 3 and above are a hassle! Now, with perspective tutorial by jigokuen, I have full confidence, my cancer was healed, I'm a millionaire, and all the ladies love me! Thank-you, perspective tutorial!


b1zz0b 11-16-2006 12:30 PM

I'll have to make a note to help Kras out, those candies look...interesting, lol.

"Aquired taste?" I think I can handle that.

Krasnoznamonec 11-16-2006 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by b1zz0b
I'll have to make a note to help Kras out, those candies look...interesting, lol.

"Aquired taste?" I think I can handle that.

Especialy if you look at the fact that one of the main ingridients isn't something you would eat in it's normal form. I'm speaking of Ammonium Chloride.


Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Ingestion: Induce vomiting. If victim is conscious and alert, give 2-4 cupfuls of milk or water.

Inhalation: Remove from exposure and move victim to fresh air. Seek medical help

Skin: Wash off with plenty of soap and water

Eyes: Flush eyes with plenty of clean water. Seek medical help.

About the taste of the candy. The closest i can tell about it is that for me it tastes like when dentist has it's metal tools in your mouth, lickerish and cough medicine. All of witch combined in one small package.

http://www.finnishfood.net/store/pro...eviews_id =39 you can buy finnish candy from here.

Also i'm not shure how the postal service works with sending food abroad so if it'll be to much of a hastle i'll just send a card with my apologies. :P

Jigo 11-20-2006 12:15 PM

Assuming you're NOT joking, I'm not sure I even want those candies within a 10 foot radius of me...
1) I hate licorice with a PASSION, 2) ammonium chloride, 3) I'm a wuss.

I got two more pages just dealing with people, and extreme foreshortening (faces) and i'm gonna do a third paged of a full process, from thumbnail to finished linework (and maybe into grayscale if I have time...).

Youandme 11-20-2006 01:21 PM

thank you so much! i was wresteling with perspective today and i really have to get craking on buildings.

i dislike salmiak, it has the weirdest taste EVER, it's salt and sweet at the same time.My mom is rather fond of it though.

Jigo 11-20-2006 06:23 PM

RobotCat 11-20-2006 06:31 PM

lovely ^^

Krasnoznamonec 11-21-2006 05:04 AM


Assuming you're NOT joking
I am not joking. I am being dead serious!.


I'm not sure I even want those candies within a 10 foot radius of me...
I'm pretty shure you would accuire the taste.

Also your not the only one hating licorice around here. I hate that bitter taste with a passion. But add some ammonium chloride and it tastes like heaven. Well actualy it doesn't but it has special weird taste to it(totaly different from licorice). I've eaten enough of those candies to kill a bear. So there's nothing to fear but fear itself.

Also again a great update on tutorial. I was exactly stuck in figuring out how in the hell does one make a perspective drawing right from under the characters.

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