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1) Be Nice.
Don't harass each other. If anyone here is attacked on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or artistic skills..the aggressor will be toasted.

2) Don't Steal.
Don't steal or take credit for work you didn't do. If you copy something..give full credit to the source material. Failure to do so will result in hazing.

3) Personal Images
Don't have giant personal icons and signatures. Aside from being slow loading it's also an eyesore. My site's not here so you can have a billboard to YOUR site. Don't get me wrong...you can have links or buttons to your site in your sig...just don't have a banner or large graphic...that's plain obnoxious.

Personal photo sizes:

All personal pics are stored on the polykarbon servers now, so when you set the personal pics in your settings, they will be uploaded and checked for the following requirements:

No wider than 130 pixels, no higher than 130 pixels. The file size must be 20 KB or smaller.

Personal Signatures:

Personal signatures are not uploaded, so we will be monitoring them and you will need to keep them within the following constraints:

No wider than 468 pixels, no higher than 60 pixels. The file size must be 40 KB or smaller. Any associated text should be 120 characters or less (including spaces).

Your entire sig (including text) should fit within this much space.
sig size

Flash Files: Are OK, so long as they fall under the size requirements. Please limit sounds to onMouseUp events, not mouseOver.

4) Don't post inappropriate material.
This is a PG-13 board, so take that into consideration when deciding what images to post.

Nudity is fine (yes, we're allowing nudity) but if it involves a sex act or torture you will be smacked down. No Hentai...no Pervy stuff. Try and keep gore to a minimum too...there are kids here for cryin' out load.

If you want to post an image containing nudity or excessive violence, please put a warning in the subject line AND link your image (ie do not use the img tag).

5) No Spamming!
Don't bump your threads or spam the board. If you need a definition of "Spamming" ask a mod.

If you're :
  • running a contest
  • promoting a site
  • seeking site critiques
  • looking to hire a/an artist(s)

Please contact any mod at click here to gain permission before posting. If you post without contacting us beforehand, your thread will be locked (or deleted) on sight.

Feel free to advertise in your member signature, so long as the files involved are small in size and reasonable.

6) No warez or anime download links.
No warez, cracks, hacks or illegal stuff. This means no posting stuff that has to do with downloading a program for free that would normally cost money.

Since there seems to be some confusion, this also includes links to movies, anime, and other media that you could otherwise buy. We know some of you are doing it and there are some gray areas, but to avoid any legal issues, we've decided to remove the option. However, talking about the plots or general aspects of these things is ok.

People who repeatedly ask for content or post links will be banned.

7) One Final Note

The mods have the right to refuse service to anyone at their discretion.

In other words, since we can't possibly list every possible way idiots can get themselves banned, this serves as a catch-all. If we feel you aren't contributing to the board and are just a plain nuisance, don't be surprised if you get banned. You'll usually get warned well in advance.

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